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hunan neptune pump

Customer Concerns & Solutions

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1 How is the stability of the self-balancing pump, does the industry experience mature?

 The self-balancing pump concept has been developed and used in the 1980s in China. At present, a full range of products have been developed. In the past thirty years of continuous optimization, self-balancing stability, reliability has been beyond doubt, compared with ordinary pumps, it has higher reliability, fewer wearing parts, and is more suitable for harsh working conditions. Characteristics of the occasion


2. Can it transport medium that is easy to crystallize and easy to scale?

 Crystallization and scaling are generally found on the flow channel or the mechanical seal when the pump is stopped or because of the temperature change of the medium. Under the premise that the medium is unchanged, we have taken many measures to avoid the impact of crystallization and scaling on the pump: 1. Efforts in the manufacturing process to make the flow channel smoother by optimizing the hydraulic model and precision casting. The surface is smoother to avoid scaling inside the pump to the greatest extent; 2 Improve the material of key components, such as high mechanical performance materials for the main shaft, and compound key components such as sealing rings, guide vanes, shaft sleeves, throttle devices, etc. Wear-resistant treatment to improve the wear-resistant performance of the pump in medium prone to scaling; 3. The use of wear-resistant, crystalline mechanical seals combined with effective mechanical seal flushing schemes to increase the service life of the mechanical seal; If the pump is rinsed with clean water for a period of time after stopping the pump, it can also be combined with the weak acid solution to wash the pump; through the above measures, the service life of the pump in the medium that is easy to crystallize and scale can be effectively improved.


3.​ Will stainless steel burn to death?

 The stainless steel pump will not burn or lock during normal operation. There are several reasons for the failure of lock: 1. The continuous high temperature of the pump body due to lack of water causes the rotor parts to stick to the casing; 2 The crystallization of the crystal causes a large area of the throttle surface of the pump to be short of water, and the high temperature heat cannot be taken away to cause the rotor parts to stick to the casing; 3. The rotor runs eccentrically for a long time, and the rotor will burn and heat due to friction in the casing; therefore, to avoid the failure of stainless steel locking, the operation process should be standardized as much as possible, and the situation of lack of water and foreign matter should be avoided. Just tell us that we should optimize the configuration before leaving the factory and add the necessary sensor monitoring methods to avoid the occurrence of pump lock failure to the greatest extent.