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High-pressure slurry in self-balanced structure

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Under many specific working conditions, the medium conveyed by the centrifugal pump is not clean, and may be solid and gas-containing two-phase and three-phase flow media. In the case of a large number of solid particles and a high head, at present, the most applications are the use of positive displacement pumps, which can basically meet the requirements of the process. However, positive displacement pumps also have many problems. First, positive displacement pump equipment is costly. In addition, pistons and steel sleeves are severely worn due to long-term sliding friction under solid particles. Gearboxes operate under frequent shock conditions, with large mechanical damage, short service life, and tedious maintenance procedures. Secondly, due to their structural principles, media transmission. It’s in a peristaltic state, and the flow velocity fluctuates greatly, which causes the medium to be easy to deposit; in addition, the equipment runs with a lot of problems.


If use the ordinary structure multistage pump, the high-pressure medium flows at a high speed after entering the throttling surface to form erosion. The solid particles will inevitably accelerate the wear of the balance disk and the balance ring. When the balance disc and the balance ring are in direct contact, the solid particles cause the greatest damage to the balance mechanism, which is prone to bite and break the shaft. The service life of the pump unit is extremely short.
After a long-term technical investigation and repeated experimental demonstration, our company has developed a centrifugal multistage slurry pump based on a self-balanced structure! By optimizing the pump-type mechanism and special processing the throttling surface, the abrasion resistance of the throttling surface is effectively improved.
Compared with positive displacement pumps, this pump has the advantages of simple structure, low equipment and maintenance costs, and stable flow rate of medium transportation. This pump can transport liquid which contain 10%~15% solid particles of CaCO3, MgOH, CaSO4l, SiO2 , with a flow rate of 45 ~ 400m3 / h and an outlet pressure of 4 ~ 10MPa. Medium with 1200 ~ 1400kg / m3 and particle diameter ≤0.6mm. It can greatly improve the trouble-free operation cycle of the pump set, and has a good application in the fields of grouting and tailings transportation.