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What causes the heating of the multistage centrifugal pump b

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Function of multistage centrifugal pump balance tube:
The balance pipe leads an external pipe from the pump outlet to the pump inlet end. This pipe is called a balance pipe. Its main function is to balance the axial thrust of the water pump, reduce the axial movement of the rotor, and prevent friction between the impeller and the casing.
When the multistage centrifugal pump is working, the impeller outlet discharges high-pressure liquid, and part of it flows to the back of the impeller, so that the pressure behind the impeller is basically the same as the outlet, and the front cover of the impeller is the suction end, and the pressure is very low. In this way, the impeller works with a large pressure difference on both sides, which will generate an axial thrust that is directed to the pump inlet and parallel to the shaft, so that the entire rotor is pressed to the suction side. In severe cases, the impeller and the pump casing will friction or impact, affecting The safe operation of the pump must be balanced.
There are many ways to balance the axial thrust, such as using double suction impellers or symmetrically arranged impellers (multistage pumps), using balance holes, balance discs, balance drums, etc. The balance tube is only one way to balance the axial thrust. It is to direct the pressure liquid behind the impeller to the inlet side with the balance tube to balance the pressure on both sides of the impeller. This method has a simple structure, but it cannot completely balance the axial thrust. The remaining axial thrust needs to be borne by a specially set thrust bearing and a balancing device.  
Causes of the heating of the multistage centrifugal pump balance tube:
1. The temperature of the medium is too high, which causes the balance pipe to heat up.
2. In the working condition of the pump, the medium particle content is relatively high, which causes part of the flow channel to be blocked and cause frictional heating, which is then transmitted to the balance water pipe.
3. The cooling system of the pump caused the water pipe to heat up after the external water inside the high pressure chamber could not enter.