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Why the shaft of horizontal multistage pump can't turn?

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Speaking of this problem, we can analyze the reasons from the aspects of work, user use and technology, because the multistage pump itself is a slender shaft system, and some problems such as processing, conversion or design tolerance fit will cause the above title. The so-called "shaft does not move." Generally, the reasons why the multistage pump shaft does not turn are as follows:
in production:
1. The first is the pump shaft jamming caused by the friction of some parts when the pump itself is assembled;
2. Due to the small gap of the design defective parts, the shaft single part has a problem, and the shaft becomes stuck after multiple parts are installed;
3. During assembly, when a certain part of the pump needs to be hit with a hammer or a hammer, the assembler didn't pay attention. If you hit it with a hammer, you need to use a rubber pad or a copper sheet to pad it. The hammer is preferably rubber. of. Damage to knocked parts is minimized. Because this part is a finished part. Handle all machined parts gently to avoid impact.
4. Rotor parts fail to meet the dynamic and static balance processing and cause the whole rotor to run too fast during high-speed rotation and then rub the guide vanes and casings after the pump is installed.
User site:
1. First of all, the most important reason is that the shaft of the main impeller caused by the foreign matter stuck in the pump inlet does not move;
2. The oil shortage of the bearing caused the bearing to burn and lock the shaft;
3. The shaft is locked due to rust of the impeller;
4. The starting torque is too small and the shaft does not move;
5. The material selection is unreasonable, which causes shaft corrosion and damages other parts.