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Self-balancing multistage brine pump for Jiangxi Jinghao Sal

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Jiangxi Province comprehensive utilization of rock salt resources with an annual output of 1 million tons of soda ash project (Phase 1) supporting mines and brine purification projects.  Application site of self-balancing horizontal multistage centrifugal pump in mine brine pumping room.
Jiangxi Jinghao Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangshu City, Jiangxi Province. The company's predecessor was Jiangxi Salt Mine, which was founded in October 1970. In January 2001, it was restructured into a Jiangxi Salt Mine Co., Ltd. in the form of debt-for-equity swaps. In November 2009, after the restructuring of state-owned enterprises increased capital and shares, it was renamed Jiangxi Jinghao Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.
 After half a century of development, Jiangxi Jinghao Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. has become a large-scale salt-producing enterprise with an important influence in the domestic salt-making industry. It is a designated national key salt production enterprise and a national high-quality salt export base. It’s the important government backbone enterprises, provincial SASAC key supervision enterprises, and It’s a core holding subsidiary of the Provincial Salt Industry Group Corporation, ranking first in the national mine and salt industry.
In 2017, the mining brine pump of Jiangxi Jinghao Salt Chemical 1 million tons of soda ash project (Phase 1) was thoroughly inspected by all responsible persons, and the form of public bidding finally adopted our factory's MDF (P) stainless steel self-balancing multistage centrifugal pump. The pumps have been running for more than two years and have been recognized in all aspects.
Sanchang Pump always adhere to the principle of "survive on quality, develop on quality, and reasonable price" as the cornerstone , and serve the customer's greatest demand as the service objective. The company has been awarded "High-tech Enterprise", "Best Quality Enterprise", "Contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise", and obtained a number of national patents, won praise from all sectors of society.