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hunan neptune pump

Application site of self-balancing multistage centrifugal pu

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Zhaojin Mining is a leading gold manufacturer in China. It has a complete professional gold industry chain from exploration, mining, processing to smelting. Its technology has reached domestic leading and international standards. The company is one of the largest gold smelters and gold manufacturer in China. The Group has a total of 37 exploration rights, with an area of approximately 1,315.43 square kilometers, and 35 mining rights, with an area of approximately 74.5842 square kilometers.
Zhaojin Mining has very strict requirements for mining equipment. After layer-by-layer bidding screening, our company's technology has been praised by experts. The self-balancing multistage centrifugal pump has been highly recognized, and we finally became the Zhaojin Group Cooperation suppliers.