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Brine pump for Shandong Daiyue Salt Co.,Ltd

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Shandong Daiyue Salt Co., Ltd. was registered in Shandong Province on Jan.24th, 2006. The company is mainly engaged in the production of refined salt, green food refined salt, low sodium salt, monosodium glutamate salt, casing salt, pickled salt, livestock salt production,  table salt wholesale,  feed additive sodium chloride production and sales, industrial salt production and sales, salt chemical product development,  daily necessities and cosmetics sales,  steam sales, import and export business.
Brine Mining pump ZDF360-90*8


Brine Delivery pump ZA-250-560A

Since the establishment of Shandong Daiyue Salt Co., Ltd., the MDF (P) stainless steel self-balancing multistage pump and ZA stainless steel chemical process pump provided by our company have played a very important role in mining and delivery of brine. For more than ten years of cooperation, we have received the full praise of all leaders and staff, and they are very satisfied with our company's products and after-sales service.