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High-pressure Brine Delivery Pump for Zhongyan Chongqing Cha

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High-pressure Brine Delivery Pump
Model: ZDF180-130X11
Capacity: 150m3/h
Head: 1400m
Material: Casing is cast steel, rotor parts are SS304
It is our customer with the highest head requirements for multistage pumps (except Shenyang sub-high pressure feed water pump) in the domestic market.

At first, They bought two 900KW multistage pumps from our company and run them at the same time, then bought a 1120KW multistage pump.The running process is very smooth and the energy saving effect is good.


Chongqing Changshou Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise formed by utilizing the technological advantages of Changshou Chemical General Plant and the resource advantages of Chongqing Changshou Shuanglong United Salt Brine Plant. The company now has two sodium chlorate production lines, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of sodium chlorate. It integrates the chlorate and chlor-alkali production technology essence of Zhongyan Changshou Chemical General Plant for more than 60 years and the advanced technology of the same industry at home and abroad.