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ZDG25-80X9 High-efficiency Energy-saving Self-balancing Mult

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ZDG25-80X9 High-efficiency Energy-saving Self-balancing Multistage Pump for UPM (China) Co., Ltd.
Since investing in China in 1998, UPM (China) Co., Ltd.'s business in China has developed rapidly, with a cumulative investment of nearly US $ 2 billion. It has successively established production companies such as cultural paper and label materials, and Asian R & D centers.

UPM (China) Co., Ltd. is a single investment project of Finland in China, and it’s also one of China's largest full-chemical wood pulp offset paper and copy paper manufacturers.  Its products include printing and office paper, with an annual production capacity of 800,000. Ton.
When UPM (China) Co., Ltd. established the factory, all equipment was imported brands, including high-pressure multistage pumps. Previously, the German KSB was used.

Troubleshooting of pumps during operation is the biggest problem because of foreign companies' after-sales must go through layers of applications. For core equipment, the delay in processing has a huge impact on the entire production. So, UPM (China) Co., Ltd., after all aspects of inspection, finally chose our factory's MD (P) type high-efficiency energy-saving self-balancing multistage pump.

First, the first sub-line was transformed. After the transformation, the operation effect was affirmed by all the company's engineers, the second sub-line and the third sub-line were replaced one after another. For six years of cooperation, all equipment has cooperated very well in operation, maintenance, after-sales and other aspects.
At present, our factory(Changsha Sanchang Pump Co., Ltd.) has very rich experience and data in the production of boiler feed pump, hot water pump, high temperature oil pump and other high temperature pump. At the same time, we hope that our customers will visit our factory for inspection. Customers are also welcome to contact our factory for related issues and obtain corresponding technical solutions.