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hunan neptune pump

Self balancing multistage pump for China National Gold Group

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China National Gold Group Mining Company
Product: Self Balancing Multistage Centrifugal Pump
Item: MD280-65X7
Capacity: 280m3/h
Head: 455m

China National Gold Group has a long history. Its predecessor was the China National Gold Corporation established in 1979. It co-operated with the Gold Command of the People's Liberation Army Infrastructure Engineering Corps and the Gold Administration of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry to manage gold geological exploration, production and construction, research and design work. The main business of China's gold is: development, smelting, processing and trade of precious metal and associated metal resources; irradiation processing industry; related engineering and technical services. China Gold has the advantages of a complete upstream and downstream industry chain. It has the industry's only national-level gold research institute, design institute, and independent innovation of biological oxidation gold extraction, raw ore roasting gold extraction and other major core technologies.