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Boiler Feed Multistage Pump for Guangzhou Environmental Inve

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Pump: Boiler Feed Multistage Pump
Item: DG200-100*7
Capacity: 200m3/h
Head: 700m
Liquid Temperature: 115℃
Guangzhou Environmental Investment Group has 16 wholly-owned subsidiaries, whose business covers clean energy production (garbage incineration power generation, photovoltaic power generation, biogas power generation), solid waste resource development (sanitary landfill, kitchen treatment, hazardous waste disposal, sludge treatment and Other solid waste disposal), environmental protection equipment manufacturing (garbage incineration equipment, transportation vehicles, transit equipment) and modern environmental protection services (environmental protection technical services, financial services), etc.
Our boiler feed water pumps have been used in various power plants in Guangzhou Environmental Investment Group since its establishment, and have been operating smoothly, and have been well received by customers.