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hunan neptune pump

Horizontal axial flow pump for Guangzhou Lingnan Water Park

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Site: Guangzhou Lingnan Yinxiang Water Park
Item: Mixed flow pump
Capacity: 2500m3/h  Head: 9m
Motor: 8-95KW


HW mixed flow pump is a horizontal, single stage, single suction, volute mixed flow pump, suitable for conveying clean water or other liquids with physical properties similar to water. Widely used in farmland irrigation and drainage, industrial and urban water supply and drainage and other occasions.
The HW mixed flow pump produced by our company has cooperated with dozens of water parks across the Country, replacing the long axis pumps used in the past. The long axis pumps are inconvenient to install, occupy a large area, have high maintenance rate. HW mixed flow pump has simple structure, high efficiency, small size, light weight, easy installation and reliable use. It has been loved by the majority of users.