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hunan neptune pump

Multistage centrifugal pump for Hangzhou Jinjiang Group

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Hangzhou Jinjiang Group originated in the 1980s and was established in 1993. It’s a modern large-scale private enterprise group with environmental protection energy, non-ferrous metals and chemical industry as the main industries, and integrating commerce and trade.

In August 2016, Hangzhou Jinjiang Group ranked 268th among the "2016 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises".

Site: Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Power Plant
Item: COS600-620A
Capacity: 4580m3/h
Head: 39m
Motor Power: 6-630kW
Site:  Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Mining company
Item: MD720-60*10(P)
Capacity: 700m3/h
Head: 610m
Motor Power: 4-1800kW

Our company has cooperated with Jinjiang Group for more than ten years. Sanchang people have always insisted on survival by quality, development by high-quality products and services, based on reasonable prices, and serving customers with the greatest satisfaction of customer needs. Technical support and perfect supporting services are eternally committed to the "make users satisfied" project, which is deeply praised by the majority of users.