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Self Balance Multistage Centrifugal Pump for China Shougang

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Product: Self Balance Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Item: D450-60X6(P)
Capacity: 450m3/h  Head: 360m
Site: Iron Mine of Shougang Group
China Shougang Group (abbreviated as Shougang Group) was founded in 1919, with a total iron production of 286,000 tons in the 30 years before liberation. After liberation, Shougang gained new life. In 1958, China's first side-blown converter was built, ending the history of Shougang with iron and no steel. In 1964, China's first 30-ton oxygen top-blown converter was built. The first blast furnace was used in China. Injecting coal technology, Shougang No. 2 blast furnace became the most advanced blast furnace in China at the end of the 1970s.
Since the reform and opening up, Shougang Group has achieved tremendous development, becoming a large-scale enterprise group dominated by the iron and steel industry, concurrently engaged in mining, machinery, electronics, construction, real estate, service industries, overseas trade and other industries, and operating across regions, ownerships and operations. .
Shougang Corporation is the parent company, and its subsidiaries, joint-stock companies, Xingang Company, Qiangang Company, Shouqin Company, High-tech Company, Mechanical and Electrical Company, Special Steel Company, Capital Construction Company, Real Estate Company, Industrial Company, International Trade Engineering Company, etc, has listed companies in Hong Kong and has Peruvian iron ore and other overseas companies in South America. In 2007, the Group's sales revenue was 109 billion yuan, with a profit of 4.3 billion yuan, steel output of 15.4 million tons, and nearly 80,000 employees. 
Among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing companies selected by the China Enterprise Confederation according to 2006 data, Shougang ranked 10th in sales revenue; Shougang ranked 36th among the top 500 Chinese companies. Opening a new page in China's steel making production. In 1978, the steel output reached 1.79 million tons, becoming one of the top ten steel companies in China, and ranked 295th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2012.