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hunan neptune pump

Self-balancing multistage pump and split case pump for Henan

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Henan Rock Salt Co., Ltd. was established on April 11, 2007, and its business scope includes mining and sales of rock salt.
Our company's self-balancing multistage pumps and high-efficiency energy-saving split case pumps run smoothly, with high efficiency and energy saving, and have low maintenance rates. Moreover, our company's Henan office business staff is in place for the later maintenance and has been praised by leaders of Henan Rock Salt Co., Ltd., making Henan Rock Salt Co., Ltd. a loyal customer of our company.


Product: Self Balance Stainless Steel Multistage Pump
Capacity: 720m3/h      Head: 300m
Site: Henan Rock Salt Co., Ltd. Brine Mining Pump Room
Product: High-efficiency Energy-saving Split Case Pump
Item: COS300-90A
Site: Henan Rock Salt Co., Ltd. Brine Delivery Pump Room